Beautiful Classic Tattoos by Max Brain

Beautiful Classic Tattoos by Max Brain

These awesome tattoos by Max Brain make you feel like you're looking through a history book of tattoo imagery.

Unlike the bold and thick tattoos that I've been featuring usually, these awesome looking classic tattoos are masterfully executed with fine crisp lines.

Max Brain is a solid tattoo artist who is heavily into classic tattoo imagery and obviously someone who knows his stuff related to old school tattooing. He works at Built Strong Tattoo in Italy.

Max Brain's approach to these awesome images isn't like the new traditional tattoos that are more popular in the tattoo scene. These tattoos shy away from the bold powerful approach and have a more fine and suave feel to it. Being a huge fan of  bold tattooing, I couldn't have possibly imagined that classic tattoos done in a fine line manner would look as beautiful as those by Max Brain.

If you are really into everything related to roses, eagles, snakes and girls... get ready to be blown away by these beautiful classic tattoos done by Max Brain!

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