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Beautiful Fineline Roses by Ed Taemets

Beautiful Fineline Roses by Ed Taemets

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A virtual garden of gorgeous black and grey tattoos.

Roses come in all sorts of styles in the world of tattoos, but they are often the sweetest when rendered in black and grey with fine lines. Ed Taemets' long-stemmed roses are the perfect example of this breathtaking approach to illustrating flora. Each one of his roses captures the natural fragility and beauty of this particular type of flower. Have a look at this bouquet's worth of his delicate tattoos. They will likely leave your heart in full bloom, but be careful though, because they all still have their thorns. 

Taemets' take on black and grey tattooing is ideal for bringing out the elegance of roses. He employs incredibly fine linework and a mixture of soft and dense shading to create these floral masterpieces. His use of delicate lines is perfect for rendering petals. If you look to the center of his roses, for instance, you can see the elaborate layering that this sort of linework facilitates. Also, the way he lightly saturates their petals gives them a tenderness that's very inviting to the eye. Meanwhile, the leaves of his long-stemmed roses are decidedly dark, which highlights the heads of his flowers through sharp contrast. 

When it come to roses, long-stemmed ones are Taemets' forte. The way he positions their heads in prominent positions and has their peduncles running down his clients' appendage is striking. He often incorporates other fine lined black and grey imagery to accompany them, too. Here there are examples of his roses next to both songbirds and birds of prey for instance. In addition, his roses in bottles are one of his most signature motifs. They have a quotidian charm to them when depicted inside these empty vessels, almost as if set on tables instead of collectors' skin. One of the most intriguing facets of his roses, however, if that some of them are in the midst of wilting. Occasionally, he illustrates them with their petals falling off one by one, making them expressive of their real-life counterpart's perennial lifecycle, which is one of continuous death and renewal. It's astonishing how he can bring out the deeper meaning behind this classic motif in such a powerful way.

Should you be interested in seeing more of Taemets' incredible black and grey work, hit up his Instagram. If you want your very own long-stemmed rose from him, he works at Hidden Moon Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at for consultations.

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