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Beautiful Polynesian Tattoos By Patu Mamatui

Beautiful Polynesian Tattoos By Patu Mamatui

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Admire the beauty of French Polynesia's traditional tattooing.

Tattoo artist Patu Mamatui presents his Polynesian tattoos with beautiful photos, illustrating the connections between tattooed people.

Tattooing already for ten years, Patu Mamatui is based in Tahiti Island, in French Polynesia. Preserving the tradition of Polynesian body art, he creates beautiful and meaningful ethnic tattoos on his clients. With the help of Anapa Production, he has gathered them to showcase both his creations and the deep connections between tribal tattoo collectors. Touching pictures with tattooing coming from the history of humanity: the result is stunning.

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Written byJenTheRipper

Writer for art related medias. Fell in love with tattoo while researching for another passion, crime history. Travelling, admiring, sharing.

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