Beautifully Different Skull Tattoos by Phatt German

Beautifully Different Skull Tattoos by Phatt German

These aren't your ordinary, straight off the wall skull flash. German's skull tattoos remake the entire motif.

How many skull tattoos do you think a tattooer will ink in a lifetime? The answer is clearly infinite, which, ironically is also the number of infinity signs your average tattooer has to do, but we digress. In order to keep things fresh tattooers have to think outside of the box to create skull designs that will stand out from the crowd. With his work in the motif Phatt German didn't just go outside of the box, he smashed the fucking box to bits. 

Gotta get that bling. (Via IG - phattgerman) #phattgerman #blackandgrey #realism #skulls

There have been roughly a billion skull and crossbones tattoos. Add to that a few million more black and grey skulls missing a couple of teeth to show that they are weathered and you find yourself asking why you should care about skull tattoos at all. Then you take one look at the work that German is doing and it all makes sense. 

We could marvel at the insane attention to detail that German uses when creating these realistic/surrealistic pieces, but we'd rather focus on the context that he places each skull in. German throws out all of the old clichés attached to skulls and surrounds them with the unusual. This forces us to rethink the idea of the "skull tattoo" and to find a new appreciation for what is one of the most tried and true tattoo designs of all. Having an epiphany like that only comes from seeing a full color swan's neck growing out of a skull with a filigree frame. 

Some of German's most impressive skulls tend to walk the fine line between life and death. There is something captivating about a skull, the physical embodiment of death, staring at you with eyes still vibrant with life. Chilling doesn't even begin to describe the sensation. 

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If you are looking to get a skull tattoo of your own from the uber-talented Phatt German you're going to need to head over to Cheltenham, UK. But before you make the trip we highly recommend you follow all of German's work on his Instagram. 

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