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Beauty and Creativity in Simplicity: Minimalist Tattoos

Beauty and Creativity in Simplicity: Minimalist Tattoos

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Minimalist tattoos don't have to be boring, in fact they usually require the type of creativity that produces incredible tattoos.

The thing about simplicity in design is that it is successful in its simplicity, its straightforward usefulness and, usually, astounding creativity in its grace of form, its effortlessness. The same goes for minimalist tattoos. While some people want the bodysuits, the skin covering blackwork, others want tiny tattoos, minimalist tattoos that won't clash with their aesthetic. Or sometimes they just want a tattoo without making their parents angry. Easily hidden, it won't upset your parental units, your boss, and minimal tattoos are usually extremely cute, very smart and highly creative in their simplicity.

Many minimalist tattoos have to be tiny, but sometimes their absence of complication is actually just the design in general. Many of the pieces in this minimal tattoo collection are not all that tiny; their minimal design is in the lack of detail, or the simplicity of line. Tattoo artists who specialize in tiny tattoos or minimalist tattoos are usually really great at taking a design and using their imagination to push it to another level. A minimal tattoo does not have to be boring! There are tons of ways your artist can create something very special just for you bringing together design elements that will make your piece unique.

We hope this collection of minimalist tattoos captures your imagination and gives you that longing for new ink. But if this isn't your thing, you know that we have an archive of many different tattoos in our app, and on our site. If you haven't checked out our app yet, go for it! You can discover new tattoos, new artists, and we even have really cool videos on there that spotlight collectors, artists and shops. We not only have minimalist tattoos, we have blackwork, illustrative, and more...there is something for everyone and we're super happy about that!

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