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Because Pets Are Better Than Humans: Animal Tattoos

Because Pets Are Better Than Humans: Animal Tattoos

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Furry friends are way more chill than their human counterparts, so we gathered these animal tattoos to make ya smile.

Animal tattoos...theres no getting around it: they are an awesome addition to any collection of ink you may be working on, and an easy go to considering how influential the animal world is on the human one! Our world would be nothing without our furry, and not so furry, friends. Animal tattoos come in many forms...some are pet portraits, others are based on folklore and legends, and some are just simply for fun! These pieces, in particular, are hopefully some inspiring designs that will spark your imagination. From traditional, to abstract and bold, to Japanese influenced, we always try to give you a small taste of the vast amount of styles available from the amazing artists around the globe.

We always love to see new tattoos! These animal tattoos are awesome, but if you're thinking of getting a new one, let us know! We can help you find the best artists in your part of the world for your specific project, animal tattoo or not! And if you already have the best animal tattoo ever, send it on over! Tag us on your new pieces, link us to your favorite artists, share pieces you come across that really inspire you. We love that Tattoodo is a community that supports this fabulous art form, and this community wouldn't be the same without you and your input!

The legends surrounding the animal kingdom are also vast. We've all heard the story about Moses gathering animals two by two onto his boat. Or how Zeus bestowed Hercules with the magnificent stead Pegasus. Or how many Native American tribes have a myth that a giant turtle carries the world on her back. There is no separating the wonderful connection humans have for animals! These animal tattoos are indeed a continuing tradition for showing love to our animal counterparts. 

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