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Become Starstruck by Tati Compton's Hand-Poked Tattoos

Become Starstruck by Tati Compton's Hand-Poked Tattoos

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Exquisite blackwork inspired by the beauty of a cloudless night sky.

Tati Compton is one of the most astounding practitioners of hand-poked body art in the contemporary tattoo scene. Using this delicate approach to creating dotwork tattoos, she creates simple yet profound imagery that has the power to leave you a little spellbound. All of her work is great, but some of the most intriguing pieces from her portfolio are those that draw inspiration from the heavens. She often surrounds her graceful figures with stars, and the results are stellar, to say the least. Gaze at her star-studded tattoos and wish you had one, too.

All of Compton's work is so carefully executed that it makes it difficult to tell that they were done manually with a single needle. Aside from her impressive control over this painstaking approach to tattooing, the eccentricity of the imagery that she creates is incredibly captivating. Some of her body art is completely abstracted, consisting of only vectors and small geometric shapes like the stars seen here. While these less concrete pieces from her portfolio are awesome in their own right, her illustrative blackwork is just as compelling. As demonstrated by many of the tattoos seen here, like the fortuneteller and sorceress with a snake around her waist, she tends to render very mystical and feminine imagery, and to put it simply, it's magical.

Something about dotwork is ideal for rendering little asterisks and stars, and Compton excels at doing this. Examining her pieces that employ this aesthetic is almost like looking at a negative of the night sky, in which the darkness of outer space has become replaced by empty canvas and the white light of the stars has transformed into black ink. In this way, the illustrative figures in these tattoos all seem constellational. Some of her body art even takes after real-life constellations, as seen in the depiction of scorpio. The most impressive aspect to her use of starry imagery, however, is the incredible amount of visual effects that she produced with it. Sometimes the astronomical shapes occupy the bodies of her icons, like in the horse above, and other times they swirl around and shoot out from her pinups and other illustrations.

This pinup by Tati Compton is queen of the stars (IG—taticompton). #blackwork #dotwork #handpoked #illustrative #pinup #stars #TatiCompton

If you want to see more of Compton's splendid hand-poked work, follow the stars to her Instagram. Should you desire a delicate yet profound piece by her, she tattoos at Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

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