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Behold the Creature of the Night: Bat Tattoos

Behold the Creature of the Night: Bat Tattoos

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In this collection of curated tattoos, we give you the king of the night sky, the keeper of Dracula's secrets: beautiful bat tattoos.

In this themed collection of some of the best tattoos around, we gathered one of our favorite, and perhaps most mysterious, creatures of the animal kingdom. These bat tattoos pay homage to many a thing: obsessions with Halloween, the great villain Dracula, a love for the cutest and fruitiest! While there are certainly many different types, and sizes, of these wonderful little buddies, we hope that these bat tattoos also show that you can literally illustrate your favorite things in a myriad of ways: from Traditional, to New School, and of course, even Realism.

Perhaps the reason why bat tattoos are so popular is that not only is the bat a symbol for one of the greatest holidays of the year, Halloween, but it is also indicative of so many legends and folk stories that use the animal within their plots. Again, Dracula is obviously one of the most famous...although if we're talking vampire tales we should definitely include the Twilight series, as well as Anne Rice's ultra hawt n sexy books such as Interview with the Vampire. But there also a ton of children's books about bats that also resonate with us super dork nostalgia nerds. Stellaluna, anyone? If you aren't a literary aficionado, perhaps movies are more your thing...

If the ultimate Hunter S. Thompson movie scene isn't brought to mind when perusing these batty bat tattoos, then you obviously need to rewatch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Wild eyed and under the influence of some heavy narcotics, Johnny Depp as HST grips the steering wheel of his 1971 Chevrolet Impala and exclaims that there is no stopping, "THIS IS BAT COUNTRY." Of course, The Birds also had some batty moments...Bela Lugosi made an entire career on playing Dracula in all sorts of films, including "The Devil Bat" from 1940. But, don't forget, Batty Koda, voiced by the beloved Robin Williams, in FernGully. If that movie didn't make you may be missing a heart.

FernGully was important not only because it showed the importance of saving the rainforest, but it also showed a different side of bats, not often seen in popular culture! Some of these bat tattoos are definitely creepy crawly, but otherwise are totally sweet. Those big eyed fruit bat totally know how to make our hearts go pitter patter! Incredibly enough, the largest bat, the giant golden-crowned flying fox, is also a fruit fox. So, don't let size fool you. They may have a wingspan of up to 6 feet, but all they want to do is nibble on mango!

Not enough bat tattoos for you in this particular collection? No worries! Check out our app for an inexhaustible archive of the best in tattoo inspiration and artistry. You can even book your favorite tattoo artist or shop there! We've got everything you, anyway. For an actual bat, you'll hafta get back to us on that one.

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