Behold, the Majestic AF Neo Traditional Japanese Tattoos of Diau Bo

Behold, the Majestic AF Neo Traditional Japanese Tattoos of Diau Bo

We won't blame you if you're unable to keep your jaw closed, because Diau Bo's tattoos are SLAYIN'.

Taiwanese tattoo artist Diau Bo stays true to the Asian roots of tattoos with his majestic neo traditional Japanese tattoos.

Diau Bo, also known as Chen Guanxiong (陳冠雄), is a Taiwanese artist with over fourteen years of experience in the business. He frequents international tattoo conventions and recently won first place in the London Tattoo Convention 2016 for the ‘Backpiece/Coverage’ category. His headquarters are located along Xinxing District in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

For the past several months, when it comes to contemporary Asian tattoos, I haven't been able to stop talking about the subtle micro-tattoos of South Korea. (Can you blame me?) But here's one that's captured my undivided attention, pulled me out of my pastel daydream, and brought back all the feelings I had for traditional Japanese tattoos.

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Diau Bo perfectly curates his traditional tattoo work with classic elements and a modern edge. He stays true to the original style but keeps it refined with the solid lines and neo traditional details. From dragons and serpents to peonies and cherry blossoms, he retains all the significant components and furnishes them with finer linework and richer color. 

Despite his wide array of striking neo traditional works, Diau Bo remains below the radar in the mainstream scene. The Taiwanese artist prefers to focus on taking worthy opportunities and polishing his skills rather than online fame and breaking into the mainstream. Props!

True sleeve goals right here. 

Who honestly needs a shirt when you've got a bodysuit like that?

This looks promising.



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All photos of the works of Diau Bo are from his Instagram.

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