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Bejeweled Beauties by Miss Juliet

Bejeweled Beauties by Miss Juliet

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Sparkle, darling, sparkle!

Sometimes, you just need a little glitter. A little glam. Some sparkle. And Miss Juliet is the talented artist to give it to you — permanently.

How is it that this chain can look like it's a real object, while also defying reality? 

Those pearls look like they're gonna roll right off her client's skin!

Sparkly little bird friends, by Miss Juliet (via IG—m1ss_juliet) #bejeweled #feminine #heart #missjuliet #neotraditional

Miss Juliet's line work combined with her rich color schemes create neo-traditional pieces that are out of this world. It's inspiring to see how she uses so many different elements, while still creating something that comes together as a whole. 

Her animals are super fun — are they robotic? Jewels themselves? Maybe they're supposed to be brooches, except alive? Either way, they're tender and adorable.

Miss Juliet has a great Instagram you should go check out. She's currently traveling, so dig into her schedule and see if you overlap with her!

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