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Bejeweled Blackwork Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

Bejeweled Blackwork Tattoos by Coen Mitchell

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Stunning mixtures of fine lines, delicate stippling, and radiant gemstones make this tattooist's work second to none.

Coen Mitchell is an Orewa-Auckland based tattoo artist who has been making waves in the tattoo world with his ultra-modern take on traditional Polynesian patterning. In the game for a mere three years, his work has evolved into a complex, dazzling synchronicity of styles and techniques, combining stippling, linework, and vibrant realism to create gorgeous pieces that reflect the cultural diversity of New Zealand and its booming tattoo scene.

A lovely little sternum piece with a brilliant blue gemstone by Coen Mitchell (IG—coenmitchell). #blackwork #dotwork #CoenMitchell #geometric #jewels #mosaicflows #ornamental

In these sternum pieces, Mitchell sets bright, realistic gemstones against a lattice of bold linework and delicate dotwork. The effect is something like a necklace meant for Elizabeth Taylor or perhaps the kind of thing you’d see on the business end of a scepter. Mitchell calls this style “mosaic flow,” which he describes as “inspired from Polynesian based patterns, symmetry and use of flow on the body.” The geometric effect in Mitchell’s sternum pieces complement each wearer’s unique shape, giving each piece a unique fit.

Mitchell is no one-trick artist either. When he’s not tattooing these showstopping mosaic flows, he is equally adept at black and grey realism, and his portfolio is filled with beautifully detailed portraits of people and animals, some with features that nod to his personal "flowing" flare. His body of work testifies to his skill as well as versatility as a tattooist. Not many artists out there can combine such disparate styles so seamlessly.

While he’s based in Orewa and Auckland, he travels around New Zealand throughout the year, making a couple stops in Australia and elsewhere in the world once or twice a year. If you want to see more of his breathtaking work, head over to his Instagram. He can be reached for consultations at should you want one of his mosaic flows for yourself.

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Written byRoss Howerton

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