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Bejeweled Creatures by Daryl Watson

Bejeweled Creatures by Daryl Watson

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Get ready to see the fanciest animals on Earth.

If you like your neo-traditional artists with a penchant for pendants, pets, and wildlife, look no further. Daryl Watson often illustrates animals draped in jewelry, and they are incredibly exquisite as well as vibrant to boot. Regardless of their species, each of these animals have the power to warm your heart with their plush color palettes and inviting expressions. So, prepare to do a lot of aww-ing and thinking to yourself, "Damn, I wish I had that necklace," because away into his cornucopia of critter tattoos we go. 

Watson's menagerie of bedazzled tattoos is truly a sight to behold. What makes these critters so charming is the attention to detail that he puts into them. Each one is a beautiful combination of fine as well as thicker line work and rich graduated coloration. It's quite lovely how he gives these creatures contours by blending solid black with their natural chroma. Furthermore, he is a master at the motif of gemstones. Whether round, oval, marquise, heart-shaped, or teardrop, all of his cuts are one cut above. Just look at how radiantly they gleam.    

There are a few members of the animal kingdom that seem to hold a special place in Watson's heart. He illustrates lots of canines, both domesticated and wild, for instance. There are a slew of different bonafide breeds throughout his vibrant portfolio. In the canine family Watson appears to have an affinity for foxes, illustrating them in a range of moods, sometime fierce and other times serene. Songbirds as well as birds of prey pop up a lot, too. Watson really surprises when he turns his eye on some of the lesser loved animals out there. For example, it's fascinating to see a stag beetle's natural beauty enhanced by jewelry. 

A blinging and beautiful moth by Daryl Watson (IG-darylwatsontattoo). #animals #DarylWatson #jewelry #moth #neotradtional

If you'd like to continue this nature hike of tattoos, wander on over to Watson's Instagram. He works at Painted Lady Tattoo in Birmingham, England if you want one of his neo-traditional creatures to alight, like a moth, on your body, too.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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