Ben Ochoa's Animated Take on Tattooing

Ben Ochoa's Animated Take on Tattooing

Ben Ochoa takes cues from animation in order to create mind-blowing body art.

A big reason why people get tattoos is because they want to honor something. They want to commemorate their favorite music, their favorite people, sometimes even their favorite characters from the entertainment industry. It's a special honor for someone to get a tattoo dedicated to a character, because that character is now with them for life.

In order for that honor to work, though, you need to find a tattoo artist who is up to snuff, and won't fuck up your memorialization of the characters that you love so much. With that fact in mind, I point you in the direction of Ben Ochoa.

Ben Ochoa has a way of celebrating your favorite comic book characters, film characters, and animated characters by bringing them to the skin. His renderings of these classic personalities are a fitting tribute to anyone looking to laud their creation.

Ochoa is a tattoo artist at the Black Anchor Collective, a shop founded by the revered Nikko Hurtado, which specializes in realistic tattoos, and they are some of the best in the industry. Located in Hesperia, California, this super-team of tattooers have been together since 2009, creating some of the world's most impressive body art.

While Ochoa isn't exactly a realism tattoo artist per se, his tattoos take inspiration from animation classics and he's able to adapt them perfectly for the skin. This illustrative/cartoon style is what got him noticed by the tattoo community and the world at-large. 

Since Ochoa only started tattooing in 2008, it's rather impressive to see just how quickly he was able to pick up the study and master it. 

Follow Ochoa on Instagram in order to see some more of his animation-inspired goodness. Your Instagram feed will thank you.

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