Ben Ochoa's Character Portraits Will Blow Your Mind

Ben Ochoa's Character Portraits Will Blow Your Mind

This tattooer is taking character portraiture to new heights.

We've talked about Ben Ochoa before, and we're shamelessly doing it again. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. He's one of the best in the game when it comes to perfectly rendering your favorite characters — whether from tv, comics or the movies — flawlessly onto your skin. 

Tattooing since only 2008, Ochoa is a bit of a newcomer to the tattoo world. However, when you're tattooing at a powerhouse studio such as Black Anchor Collective alongside some of the highest credited tattooers in the world including Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Rojas, does it even matter?

Based in Hesperia, California, Ochoa continues to impress us with his impeccably executed work. Got a favorite book? Movie? Cartoon? Comic? Is there one beloved character you've always loved, who you want to wear on your body for all of eternity? Animated, live-action or whatever the fuck else — you can bet your sweet little ass that Ben Ochoa can do it the justice it deserves. Don't believe us? Take a look. 

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