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Benevolent Celestial Beings: Spiritual Angel Tattoos

Benevolent Celestial Beings: Spiritual Angel Tattoos

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Angel tattoos are one of the most popular pieces to get and we can see why...a perfect homage to spiritual love, devotion, and protection.

Whether depictions of baby cherubs hovering over clouds, or illustrations of the powerful Archangel Michael, each of these angel tattoos is a perfect homage to the power of belief. And although, perhaps, you may not believe in miracles, angels are part of many different cultures around the globe in one form or another. But one thing many of them do have in common is that they are thought of as spiritual celestial beings that protect us, and are there for us when we are in need. Since angel tattoos are some of the most popular pieces to get, we bring you this lovely collection in hopes that it will inspire.

So what different religious feature angels? Well...again, in one way or another, almost all of them do. "In Judaism, angels, or malachim, serve as God’s messengers and “workers” here on Earth. It was for example, an angel who stopped Abraham just as he was about to kill his beloved son as a sacrifice to God. The angel Michael on the other hand, is viewed as the guardian and protector of the people of Israel." "With the roots of Christianity closely linked to Judaism, it comes as no surprise that Christians also hold angels in high-esteem. As in Judaism, angels also played great roles in many events viewed with great importance by Christians." Basically, angels are like the link between man and God...which makes sense, since, as we know from flicks like Evan Almighty, God is super busy up there.

What about other religions? Well, "Muslims believe that angels were created by God from pure light. Belief in their existence encompasses the Islamic faith itself. Belief in angels is one of the six Articles of Faith, without which there is no faith....They were created for the sole purpose of serving God and being made from light, they can assume almost any form, which will appears real to the human eye. They belong to a level of existence beyond the perceptible world of phenomena, called `alam al-ghayb." Pretty awesome...being made of pure light kinda explains why all these angel tattoos seem to glow from within.

Buddhist and Hindu's also have angel-like beings. "In Hinduism and Buddhism...each deva or devi acts like divine energy, inspiring and motivating the person or other living thing that it guards to better understand the universe and become one with it. The name "devas" means "shining ones" because devas are beings who have achieved spiritual enlightenment." So, apparently, these angel beings shine because they are full of wisdom. Sounds like a good way to be, really...

There are other religions and philosophies that have similar views, but, really, when it comes down to it these kind of beliefs are a deeply human thing. We like to believe in things that give us strength and power beyond our mortal form.

Angels are also heavily featured in films from many generations...perhaps Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life is one of the most famous. There's also Angels in the Outfield, Australia's 2007 flick Gabriel, Warren Beatty's funny afterlife film Heaven Can Wait, Tilda Swinton's Gabriel in Keanu Reeves mega blockbuster Constantine, and, of course, 90's cult classic Dogma. And that's not even all of them. There are probably just as many angels in movies as there are angel tattoos...and considering angels are supposed to be all over the place, all the time, helping humans out...that sort of makes sense, right? The more the merrier, we like to think.

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