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Better Than Big Ben: London Tattoo Artist and Shop Spotlight!

Better Than Big Ben: London Tattoo Artist and Shop Spotlight!

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In this guide, we show you some of the best tattoo artists and shops in London!

A center for historical architecture, literary geniuses, gastronomic festivities, and some of our favorite soccer players, London is one of the greatest cities to live in and visit. It is also one of the top destinations to indulge in some arts and culture, so what’s a better way to lap up the creative juices of a country? Get a tattoo! You’ll not only have a forever reminder of your incredible stay here, you’ll support some of the greatest artists the world has to offer.

Of course, since Tattoodo has a penchant and devotion for supporting the best tattoo artists out there, we’re always adding more Tattoodo Ambassadors onto our list, and London is home to more than one. Not only does Jondix, owner of Seven Doors make London is home, he often travels to tons of tattoo conventions and guest spots around the world. His style is immediately recognizable as his own, and if you’re into esoteric symbolism or cyberpunk illustrative blackwork, we’re sure he should be your go to.

Some of our other favorites include Servadio, who takes illustrative blackwork to a whole new level of fine art. Vibing with past great masters of artistic creation like Frank Auerbach and Franz Kline. Servadio’s stunning and evocative pieces will have you leaving London feeling absolutely filled with culture.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there! London based tattoo artist Steve H Morante is known for his incredible craftsmanship that includes everything from Realism to Japanese. His studio Fudoshin Tattoos is definitely a spot you should check out. We also adore artists Craig Ridley and Santa Perpetua, who are both doing something different. Craig often does takes on Japanese yokai, old school Chicano, and even odes to The Dark Crystal! Santa Perpetua seamlessly blends watercolor, illustrative, and has such an expressive style that we’re sure it will resonate with you. Artists Fidjit and Gabriele Cardosi are two more that have a completely unique aesthetic. It’s artists like these that make the arts and tattoo community of London, and beyond, something to pay attention to!

Of course, shout outs to some of our favorite shops that have always produced high quality work that always raises the bar! Modern Classic Tattoo, owned by Tattoodo Ambassadors Stewart Robson and Valerie Vargas, are not only some of the most authentic, sweetest people out there, but the tattoos they create are outstanding. Mind-blowing, really. Same goes for Love Hate Social Club and Crimson Tide Ink. These studios will, for sure, produce a memorable experience for you, and you’ll walk away with a tattoo that you will cherish for a lifetime. That’s what they’re about...Tattoodo always support shops where the artists are devoted to their work, and we promise that you’ll have the time of your life!

Santo Cuervo is another studio that definitely get our seal of approval. Just as each shop will have its own vibe, each artist within the shop will have their own aesthetic. At Santo Cuervo you can pick up trash polka or horror realism from Alex Alvarado, vegan illustrative or watercolor from Maury Decay, and awesome ancient tribal and deities from David Barclay.

Of course, it’s so incredibly difficult for us to name every single tattoo artist and studio that are based in London, and we’re sure we’ll soon have another guide for you with a ton of different cool spots! But for now, we hope that you can research some of these artists, click through to their profiles via the images in the article, and check out the shops too to see if they’re the right pick for you! And definitely try our new booking feature to reach out to the artist of your choice, or to find more artists in your area if you like! Our app has tons of features just for you...we want to be your number one stop for all things tattoo, and we pride ourselves on being totally devoted to that. Let us know how it goes, and send us pictures of your new ink on the app!

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