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Beyond Hannya's and Cherry Blossoms: Japanese Tattoos

Beyond Hannya's and Cherry Blossoms: Japanese Tattoos

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As much as we love traditional Irezumi Hannya's, we figured we would show you some Japanese tattoos that go beyond the norm.

When you think of Japanese tattoos you probably immediately think of insane bodysuits covering the skin of Yakuza gangsters, or cherry blossoms dotting the legs and arms of ladies. Perhaps you may think of Hannya's or dragons, veiled in the mists of fog, clouds, and waves of oceans from legendary places. And although these are all definitely aspects of Japanese tattoos, and we did include a few here and there, tons of Japanese tattoos, these days, take on a different look and aesthetic. Even illustrative and traditional style tattooists are being inspired by the wealth of culture and design that Irezumi has to offer.

Here, in this selection of Japanese tattoos, we have a smattering, if you will, of different takes on the Japanese tattoo scene and style. From the old school dragon of Aaron Bell, to Alex Zampirri's traditional take on an Oni, and even to Shannon Perry's highly realistic, and ultra delicious looking sushi, there are a multitude of ways to be inspired by one thing...especially when it has the dimension that any culture, history, and society has to offer. That's the beautiful thing about culture...there are so many layers to humankind, and what they create, think, and do...the possibilities are endless.

If these Japanese tattoos aren't quite what you're looking for, we promise you're bound to find something in our app. Perhaps you are looking for that straight up, traditional Irezumi tattoo'll find it for sure. Or, perhaps, you'd like something like our Tattoodo Ambassador Lupo Horiokami does: blackwork meets illustrative meets Japanese. There's something for everyone out there...all you have to do is look! You can search by tags, location, or even just head to the app homepage to see a curated selection of the coolest artists, pieces, and articles. We serve up the best every day!

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