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Beyond K-Pop and Gangnam Style: Seoul Tattoos

Beyond K-Pop and Gangnam Style: Seoul Tattoos

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Tattooing may be illegal in Seoul, but the tattooist there are creating incredible pieces. Check out these Seoul tattoos for instance!

Seoul is known for many things...its booming cosmetic and plastic surgery industry, the best selling liquor in the world, Soju, not to mention the many incredible cultural and historical events and landmarks that the city boasts. But perhaps what will overtake these very soon is the fine art scene. And although tattooing is illegal, probably due to the traditional societal perception of tattoos being worn mainly by gang and underground crime members, Seoul has some of the best artists in the globe creating art. So we brought together all of these Seoul tattoos and tattooists for you to take a gander at!

Seoul tattoos definitely have an artistry all their own. The craftmenship, dedication and commitment to creating high quality and aesthetically pleasing work is absolutely stunning. The artists within this collection of Seoul tattoos only includes a fraction of the marvelous tattooists available. And if you're interested in getting a piece while vacationing in Seoul, fear not! We've got you covered. Reach out and we can hook you up with the best artists around the globe, this is true. Check out our app and just browse for a moment to see all the awesome options out there.

Whats pretty awesome not just about what Tattoodo does, what our app does, and what the internet and social media can do in general is how it connects people all over the world. With just a few clicks you can get access to whatever you want, including a tattoo community right in your backyard or a plane ride away. That's another thing that's so cool about what Tattoodo does: it's connecting tattoo lovers and clients with the best, most respected tattoo artists. We bring the tattoo community closer together...because just like we love Seoul tattoos, we love Tokyo tattoos. And New York tattoos. Miami, Rome, Paris, name it. We love them all.

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