Big Old School Tattoos by Andy Canino

Big Old School Tattoos by Andy Canino

Traditional tattooer Andy Canino likes his work big!

Classic western and Japanese designs make up the rad tattoos of Canino.

Tattoo artist Andy Canino currently works from Dedication Tattoo, Denver, but his talents are known across the country. A talented traditional artist Canino's work has an old school style and theme, although he's equally good with Japanese designs. A well rounded tattooer Canino is as good with small flash style tattoos as he is with full fronts and backs, and it's arguably with the larger work that Canino truly excels. 

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Whether American traditional or classic Japanese, the larger work of Canino is simply outstanding, from one shot chests to full backpieces the guy just kills it!

All photos from Canino's Instagram

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