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Bill Canales Presents the San Diego Tattoo Invitational: May 4th - 6th

Bill Canales Presents the San Diego Tattoo Invitational: May 4th - 6th

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In anticipation of the San Diego Tattoo Invitational held May 4th through the 6th, we give you some of the exciting details of the event.

Set in the sen drenched city of San Diego, Bill Canales is putting on his first Tattoo Invitational Conference from May 4th through the 6th. Artists, collectors, and aficionados will converge at the San Diego Concourse Golden Hall, which has played host to such legendary creators such as The Rolling Stones, B.B. King, and Bob Dylan. This event will be no different; highly skilled and respected artists from around the globe will be setting up shop under the roof of this historic arena.

Bill Canales is known for his incredible Japanese tattoos, and is a mainstay of the San Diego tattoo community with his shop Full Circle Tattoo. Dedicated to the art form of tattooing, Bill is bringing some of his favorite artists to California to celebrate the incredible work of incredible artists. Those in attendance will include masters of the tattooing craft such as Chuco Moreno, Ben Grillo, Gordon Combs, Zac Scheinbaum, Lara Scotton, Nathan Kostechko, Tim Hendricks, Delia Vico, and many more artists spanning an incredibly diverse selection of styles and aesthetics. Along with the opportunities to get tattooed by traveling artists, there is also a tattoo competition, as well as workshops that target those who wish to support their artistic growth with valuable foundations in drawing and painting. 

As the website touts, this convention was created to celebrate the devotion and dedication upheld by those within the tattoo community. "The 2018 San Diego Tattoo Invitational will be unique to San Diego and different from other tattoo conferences with a goal to encourage community, advance the craft, and focus on the fan, the art AND the artists." With words such as these, one can expect this event to be an inspiring experience that you do not want to miss. Although pre-sale tickets have ended, there will be tickets available at the door for $25 a day or $60 for a three day pass! Tattoodo will be there, and we hope you will be too!

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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