Black and Grey Animal Heads by Andrey Smolentcev

Black and Grey Animal Heads by Andrey Smolentcev

The head is the most important part of any living being, and Andrey Smolentcev showcases their beauty.

What is one part of your body that you could never live without? It's the subject of many horrific "Would you rather?" scenarios and a nightmare that causes many people to cringe. If your legs were severed, your life will never be the same. If your arms are chopped off, you'll have to relearn just about everything you do. But there is one part of your body that if you lost it, you'd surely be done for — the head.

Without your head, you would literally die. The same goes for pretty much all living things. A severed head is a surefire way to die, and that's just a scientific fact.

With that in mind, let's have a look at some of Andrey Smolentcev's black and grey animal heads. He has a way to capture their beauty as well as their essentialness for life. 

There's a reason so many tattoo artists focus on heads. Lady heads, animal heads, etc. They are the most important part of our bodies. They are the epicenter of all of our senses — sight, hearing, taste, smell, and even touch. They house thought and imagination.

Which is exactly why you don't see too many artists tattooing animal legs or arms on peoples' bodies. While they contain their own beauty, they are just not as essential to life as the head.

Follow Andrey Smolentcev on Instagram in order to see the vast range of tattoos he is able to create. 

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