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Black and Grey Balinese Tattoos by Pa'udy Bali

Black and Grey Balinese Tattoos by Pa'udy Bali

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

You won't have holiday tattoo regret if you see Pa'udy on your next trip to Bali.

Some people visit Bali and get tattooed on a whim, from mediocre artists, only to later regret it - Pa'udy is putting those artists to shame. His smooth black and grey tattoos look just as incredible as the work produced by artists in North America, Australia or Europe. 

Pa'udy is proud of his Indonesian heritage and culture. You can see plenty of Balinese and Indonesian mythological creatures in his tattoos, in addition to Hindu religious imagery. Pa'udy makes excellent use of skin breaks to create movement. This technique lets the black and grey breathe, and enables all the little elements and decorative pieces be easily readable. 

But it's not just Balinese imagery that inspires Pa'udy tattoos, but also traditional Japanese and black and grey portraits. Check out his work below and then be sure to give him a follow on Instagram

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