Black and Grey Cholas by Mauro Landim

Black and Grey Cholas by Mauro Landim

Can you handle a bunch of beautiful babes in bandanas and bandoleras?

Longtime Brazilian tattooist Mauro Landim creates smoking hot black and grey tattoos of cholas in the classic Chicano style. His lady heads — with their dark hair and long eyelashes — all have a latina charm to them and, to be completely frank, are straight up seductive. We love gazing at their big, shiny eyes and tightly pursed lips that seem to say, "try to kiss me and get your ass kicked." It's the softness with which he illustrates them that brings out their feminine beauty and makes it hard to look away. Have a look at this sample of his lovey ladies for yourself and see if you don't fall victim to their breathtaking allure as well.

As far as Chicano tattooing goes, Landim is solidly traditional. His work features the fine lines and soft shading that most old school practitioners consider to be authentic to the genre. However, that does not mean that he hasn't taken some artistic liberties as well. His lady heads have features — such as their angular, upturned noses, dotted dimples, and pushed-up breasts — that make them identifiable as being from his body of work. Furthermore, they have a hint of caricature to them in the way their heads are slightly out of proportion with their bosoms.

One of the most notable facets of Landim's cholas is how he accessorizes them. He frequently portrays them as wearing bandanas, beanies, dark sunglasses, and large hoop earrings. Some of them even sport bandoleras and firearms, giving them a bit of a revolutionary flare. Landim is also not afraid to give his characters some tattoos of their own. On the other hand, though they look great when tricked out with such accessories, his ladies are gorgeous enough that they don't need clothes at all, just their beauty marks. In short, as far as sexiness goes, his nudes are some of the most provocative tattoos that he creates. 

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This badass chola by Mauro Landim is decked out in a bandolera (IG—maurolandim). #blackandgrey #Chicano #chola #ladyhead #MauroLandim #soft

If you want to check out more of Landim's bodacious cholas, hit up his Instagram. He tattoos at Mundo Cão is San Paulo should you want some of his soft black and grey work for yourself.

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