Black and Grey Glimpses into Reality by Denis Torikashvili

Black and Grey Glimpses into Reality by Denis Torikashvili

Torikashvili's tattoos will make you question your own sense of reality.

Denis Torikashvili is a true master of both black and grey as well as color portraiture. Though his portfolio is quite varied, including bobble-headed caricatures and strangely abstracted pieces as well, his tattoos that take directly after the real world are some of his most amazing work. He illustrates a wide range of objects, creatures, and people. 

Torikashvili has been tattooing in this realistic style for over two decades, and his longtime commitment to the craft shows in how diverse his subject matter is. He can practically recreate any real-life imagery in a shockingly lifelike manner. For instance, here there are automobiles, statuesque figures, hairless sphinx cats, and even a compass on a world map. Though all of these images couldn't be more different, they all exemplify his extreme versatility within the genre. Basically, if it exists, he can recreate it as body art.

Some of Torikashvili's most compelling black and grey realism is his celebrity portraiture. He has illustrated numerous famous people, especially those from the music and film industries. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly given the musician's mystique, he's done a large number of Kurt Cobain portraits, capturing the fashionable grunge rocker in several looks throughout his short-lived career. As his depictions of Nirvana's lead singer demonstrate, his incredibly soft approach to tattooing allows him to capture such visages in a photographic fashion. 

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If you want to see more of Torikashvili's diverse portfolio, make you way to his Instagram. He works at Fox Box Tattoo Studio in Moscow, Russia should you want a realistic piece of body art by him for yourself.

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