Black and Grey Micro Tattoos by Boo Boo Negrete

Black and Grey Micro Tattoos by Boo Boo Negrete

Isaiah "Boo Boo" Negrete can harness the power of his vast imagination into these micro black and grey tattoos.

Go grab your magnifying glass and prepare to marvel at some world class craftsmanship. Isaiah "Boo Boo" Negrete specializes in creating some of the tiniest tattoos that you will ever see, but don't think this means that his work isn't intricate. Each of Negrete's tiny pieces features an almost obscene amount of detail. Even in a tattoo that is barely one square inch in size, Negrete can show the wrinkles on a person's brow or the delicate veins running through a butterfly's wings. 

While we don't believe that Negrete got his skills entirely by genetics, but as the son of black and grey pioneer Freddy Negrete, Boo Boo was born with ink in his veins. Picking up his first tattoo machine at the age of 14, the younger Negrete clearly learned from his both father and Mark Mahoney at the legendary Shamrock Social Club.

In order to reach a level of perfection on such tiny tattoos, Negrete often uses a single needle. One can't understate how much concentration and skill is required to produce these black and grey micro tattoos. Not to mention that Negrete must have the world's steadiest hand.

Boo Boo is on Instagram if you want to give him a follow. And if you want to grab a small piece of artistic mastery for yourself, head out to LA's Shamrock Social Club. 

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