Black and Grey Tattoos by Jay Quarles

Black and Grey Tattoos by Jay Quarles

Rich black and grey pieces to reflect what's in your dark soul.

Jay Quarles tattoos out of Black 13 Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, Tennessee. There's the occasional color traditional and blackwork piece in his portfolio, but black and grey realism tattoos are the specialty of Quarles. The rich concentration of black ink in his pieces really makes the softer greys look more dynamic. 

Black and grey phoenix tattoo by Jay Quarles. #blackandgrey #realism #bird #phoenix #JayQuarles

From people to mythological creatures and inanimate objects, Quarles produces quality tattoos time after time. If you live in Tennessee, then Jay Quarles is the man to see for your black and grey realism tattoo needs.  

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Broken heart tattoo by Jay Quarles. #blackwork #heart #brokenheart #linework #dotwork #JayQuarles

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