Black and Grey Tattoos by Shine aka Shinhye Kim

Black and Grey Tattoos by Shine aka Shinhye Kim

Smooth and fine line black and grey tattoos that really look classic and elegant! Enjoy these tattoos done by Shinhye Kim aka Shine.

Black and grey tattoos are very popular and have definitely evolved throughout the years as a tattoo style.

Majestic looking lion portrait tattoo done by Shine. #ShinhyeKim #Shine #blackandgrey #fineline #lion #lionportrait

Tattooing was forever changed when the black and grey tattoo style came into play and spread like wildfire. Everyone wanted a black and grey fine line tattoo. Shinhye Kim aka Shine is a tattoo artist from Korea who travels around the world to make awesome tattoos. Her style is her original take on black and grey.

Shine's tattoos are smoothly done. Making use of fine lining and a wide range of shading values. The tattoo subjects range from animals, statues, to floral elements- stuff that really looks rad when put on skin. Her work reflects her drawing skill, a must have for any tattoo artist, especially those who do black and grey. The technique is well executed, hence making her style distinct.

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