Black Bold and Beautiful Tattoos by Henry Big

Black Bold and Beautiful Tattoos by Henry Big

Solid girl heads, classic roses. What's not to love about these bold tattoos by Henry Big?

Bold black tattoos are hugely popular today and Henry Big is one of the big players of the tattoo style that is making a huge impact on the tattoo scene...

Clean and solid girl head tattoo done by Henry Big. #HenryBig #RainCityTattooCollective #traditional #blckwrk #blackwork #girl #girlhead

Henry Big is a solid tattoo artist from Manchester, England. He does his awesome tattoos at Rain City Tattoo Collective.

The bold and black tattoo style that Henry Big makes, is a style that has been around for decades but is making a huge comeback in terms of popularity with collectors. Henry Big talks to collectors who love solid, bold, and black tattooing, girls, roses, eagles and so on. These tattoos don't just look beautiful on skin, they stand the test of time and hold up really strong for the years to come. Henry's work is a reflection of how much of a learned artist and of the skilled craftman he is...

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All photos and tattoos from Henry Big.

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