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Black Floral Tattoos by Rebecca Vincent

Black Floral Tattoos by Rebecca Vincent

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These dark tattoos of flowers will steal your heart.

If a person could have a green thumb for tattooing, it would be Rebecca Vincent. She illustrates some of the best flowers out there in her decidedly black tattoo style. Whether roses, pansies, or morning glories, her depictions of flora are as breathtaking as they are sweet. Here is a sample of her beautiful tattoo horticulture.

Vincent's floral tattoos look great when covering large swaths of the body. It's almost as if the wearers of these pieces are enveloped in the wild growth of an English garden with the way that vines and stems wind about their bodies. We love how she shades her leaves with denser blackness to make the lighter petals of each flower bloom. When it comes to tattoos, she's quite the talented florist.  

Though her large-scale illustrations of flowers are exquisite, we almost favor her more minimal depictions of plantlife. There's something so exquisite about her smaller tattoos that one can't help but be charmed by their aroma. The baby's breath, long-stemmed roses, and heart-shaped leaves of the monstera deliciosa above show just how complimentary her more minute work looks on collectors.  

A photo of the goddess of the garden herself, Rebecca Vincent (IG—rebecca_vincent_tattoo). #black #floral #RebeccaVincent

We hope you liked touring this virtual greenhouse of floral black tattoos by Vincent. If you would like to see more of her fragrant work, peruse her Instagram. She tattoos at Parliament Tattoo in London, so if you want your very own bouquet or carnation, consider having her illustrate it.

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