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Black & Grey Back Tattoos by Jondix

Black & Grey Back Tattoos by Jondix

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These intense large-scale tattoos will blow you away.

Jondix makes some of the most intense black and grey back-pieces and bodysuits around. He specializes in illustrations of Hindi and Buddhist figures, specifically in the aesthetic traditions of Tibet and Thailand. He also does killer tattoos of massive skulls. What's even cooler is how he embellishes and surrounds each of his illustrations with mind-blowing sacred geometry. 

Jondix renders fantastic illustrations of imagery from East Asian cultures. Here we see massive and incredibly detailed depictions of figures from both Hinduism and Buddhism. His intense tattoos of deities such as Ganesha and Kali are some of his best. We love how he gives them such fearsome expressions and grim accompaniments like severed heads, skulls, and more. Each one has an intimidating and deadly aura to it. 

While we think his Thai and Tibetan inspired back-pieces are utterly astounding, we especially appreciate his large scale illustrations of skulls that also sometime incorporate mystical and spiritual symbolism as well. It's amazing how Jondix details the nasal cavities and eye sockets of these skeletal masterpieces with geometric figures like mandalas, pentagrams, and other illustrative figures, such as all-seeing eyes and the Buddha. Each one seems to embody the power and totality of death itself.

A man with one of Jondix's (IG—jondix) signature skull tattoos out on the beach. #blackandgrey #Buddha #Jondix #largescale #sacredgeometry #skull

We hope you found these incredible black and grey back-pieces by Jondix as impressive as we did. If you want to see more of his large-scale work, make sure to hit up his Instagram. Furthermore, should you want your own bodysuit by this master of the style, he owns and works out of Seven Doors Tattoo in London.

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