Black & Grey Celebrity Portraits by Holly Ellis

Black & Grey Celebrity Portraits by Holly Ellis

14 expertly executed and soulful portraits

Portraits are a difficult thing to master. Everything from the eyeliner, to the hair coif, and even the wrinkles has to be absolutely precise. If someone is getting a person’s face tattooed on them, you’d better believe they have every detail of said person’s face memorized, so the pressure is really on for the artist to create an accurate representation.

Based out of San Fransisco, California, artist Holly Ellis has been the queen of portraiture since 1997. Often focusing on celebrity and fictional character portraits, her work is darker in nature, yet somehow still evokes a sense of what the subject is all about. Dolly Parton is charming and sweet, while Joan Jett is broody with a bit of an attitude. Ellis’ work is absolutely stunning, and captures the essence of the subject in ways few artists can.

You can see more of Ellis' work here.

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