Black & Grey Traditional Japanese Tattoos by Drew Flores

Black & Grey Traditional Japanese Tattoos by Drew Flores

Much of the traditional Japanese tattooing we see today is in full color, but the imagery is just as powerful in black and grey.

Drew Flores tattoos out of State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose alongside the likes of Horitomo, Ryudaibori and Colin Baker.

While Drew doesn't just specialize in black and grey traditional Japanese tattooing, there's just something a little more powerful and dramatic to the imagery without the use of any color. There's so much meaning to the Japanese mythology and culture that the black and grey ink allows the tattoos to do all the talking. 

To see more of Drew's tattoos (both color and black and grey), give him a follow on Instagram.

Black and grey suikodnero back piece by Drew Flores. #blackandgrey #Japanese #traditionalJapanese #DrewFlores #Suikodnero

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