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Black Holes, Cosmonauts, and Glittering Galaxies: Space Tattoos

Black Holes, Cosmonauts, and Glittering Galaxies: Space Tattoos

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Let's dig into deep space with these rad space suits and oxygen not included.

Whether you're all about real time space travel, or sci fi possibilities, the galaxy can be a really incredible place. Even just going to the NASA website and researching for like...five minutes can basically blow your mind. If you're like us...just reading one article on the vastness of the solar system will leave you in an existential crisis for weeks. But thankfully, when looking at all these space tattoos, you don't really have to think all that much...just let your eye enjoy the beauty of the milky way and galaxies far far away.

From hyperrealism to traditional, from planets and stars to spaceship take offs...there are tons of different ways to interpret space tattoos. The options are limitless...kind of like space actually. Not only do scientists not know how far space expands, it's also completely silent. Try and wrap your mind around that. There is no where on Earth that is totally without'll always hear a slight breeze, or crickets chirping..or if you live in NYC like some of alarms. Imagine no car alarms in space. It sounds like heaven, but the commute would be kind of rough.

So, not only is there no sound in space, but on the moon there also isn't any wind or water to erode the landscape, so the footsteps of the astronauts from the Apollo landing will be there for about...oh, say...100 million years. Now, obviously, unless you're a vampire...your space tattoo won't exactly last that long but it sure will last a lifetime. Although really, if you want to get super deep about stuff, scientists are now wondering where all the information we're putting out into the universe could possibly end up. Are aliens checking out the space tattoo you just uploaded into the Tattoodo app? Perhaps. They may file it away forever...and in that way, you're tattoo (and you) will go on in time for 100 million years. Haha, or maybe we're just looking to deep into it.

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