Black Surrealism by Pietro Sedda

Black Surrealism by Pietro Sedda

The possibilities are endless with Sedda's tremendous take on surrealism.

In our humble opinion, surrealism is vastly underrated in the tattoo community. The beauty of surrealism is that it doesn’t have to adhere to any “rules.” A man’s face can be consumed by an entire forest, and a whale can just as easily be swimming amongst the clouds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to surrealism, and Italian artist Pietro Sedda’s work is absolutely out of this world.

Based out of Milan, Sedda is the owner and artist at The Saint Mariner. Focusing on surrealism, the majority of his work is comprised of “portraits” that borrow elements from both illustrative and line work, creating an element of mystery. Working predominantly in black and grey, the lack of color in his work allows the onlooker to gaze deep into the surrealist abyss Sedda creates, and appreciate all the subtle components that form his surrealist symphony.

You can see more of Sedda's work on his Instagram.

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