Black Traditional Pieces by Arianna Fusini

Black Traditional Pieces by Arianna Fusini

Gorgeous line work, time-tested imagery — some traditional black work for your approval.

Traditional tattoos have stood the test of time, and with good reason. They're classic designs that are timeless and simple to create. Aesthetically speaking, they are some of the best looking tattoos around, and this is especially true when they're filtered through the black ink lens.

Arianna Fusini has been able to develop some absolutely stunning black ink tattoos inspired by classic traditional motifs that contrast nicely with the skin. It makes them pop just a little bit more, and her imaginative designs will make you want to get one of your own.

According to Fusini's Instagram, she's currently making the rounds in Europe doing guest spots in various cities. The places she has listed are Vicenza, Milano, London, Birmingham, Verona, Barcelona, and Leeds. Sounds like a pretty good trip, right? And if you are in those cities you better get ready and try to grab some ink while she's in town. When she's not touring with her tattoos, she can be found at Soul Shop Tattoo in Riccione, Italy.

Follow Arianna on Instagram in order to get constant updates from her tour and her latest designs. 

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