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Blackwork and Dotwork Heaven - Tattoos by Ian Atkinson

Blackwork and Dotwork Heaven - Tattoos by Ian Atkinson

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Check out these perfect black tattoos by UK artist Ian Atkinson.

I was lucky enough to meet tattooist Ian Atkinson, aka Wigmondo, at Blackpool Tattoo Convention a couple of months ago. It was awesome seeing him tattoo and reminded me of all the things I love about intricate tattoo work. So, I had to share his work with you guys.

Moon flower tattoo designs by Ian Atkinson #ianatkinson #flower #moon #drawing #design #blackandgrey

From black and grey neo traditional to dotwork, mandalas, floral pieces and patternwork, Ian's portfolio spans a wide range of styles. I love these little moon flower designs!

Flower mandala tattoo designs by Ian Atkinson #ianatkinson #mandala #dotwork #flower #mandalaflower

Ian tattoos at Hand on Heart in Bradford, Leeds. The North East area of the UK, especially Leeds, is home to some of the best tattooists working in the country today.

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All images via Ian's Instagram.

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