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Blackwork Critters by Rebecca Vincent

Blackwork Critters by Rebecca Vincent

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Tattoos of animal friends from the land, air, and sea.

There's something incredibly enticing about illustrative blackwork tattoos. Work done in this style is both pronounced and delicate, and for fear of becoming too dark and losing their charm, they require a considerable amount of restraint on the behalf of those that execute them. Rebecca Vincent is a tattooist who excels at this genre, and though all of her body art is beautiful, her depictions of critters are perhaps the ones that best demonstrate how majestic (and adorable) blackwork really can be.

Vincent demonstrates incredible control with her blackwork. In these various illustrations of animals, she professes several techniques of this style with a deft hand. You can see how she pulls her tattoo needle in resolute ways to create the texture of her mammals' fur. The darker hair surrounding the buck's white chest above is a great example. Or notice how the butterfly's wings below have numerous patterned effects, such as striations and stippling. Speaking of dots, it's amazing how she uses them to create the appearance of her fox's individual hairs.

It's wonderful how Vincent has illustrated so many members of the animal kingdom. Here there are representatives of birds, bugs, reptiles, fish, land and sea mammals, and these are just a few of her virtual zoo of critter tattoos. Pet (I mean bet) she's even done an amphibian or two. Though all of her creatures are fantastic, some of her best tattoos of beasts are the aquatic ones. There's just something so environmentally appropriate about creatures of the deep rendered in this dark style. Her illustration of a sperm whale, for example, captures this complimentary phenomenon perfectly.

A cute fennec fox head from Rebecca Vincent's portfolio (IG-rebecca_vincent_tattoo). #blackwork #fennecfox #illustrative #RebeccaVincent

If you want to see more of her illustrations of animals, stampede on over to her Instagram. Also, if you love flowers as much as critters, make sure to check out this article about her blackwork flora, too. Finally, she works at Parliament Tattoo in London, 

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