Blackwork & Dotwork by Patrick Hüttlinger

Blackwork & Dotwork by Patrick Hüttlinger

Seven Large Scale, Symmetrical, Blackwork Masterpieces

One of the most amazing things about blackwork is its unique ability to utilize and transform negative space. Patterns, tessellations, and mirror images suddenly become inverted in a beautifully transformative way. Tattooing since 1999, artist Patrick Hüttlinger’s blackwork is combining elements of dotwork, graphical patterns, and sacred geometry to create out of this world ornamental tattoos.

Initially pursuing a degree in woodcarving, Hüttlinger began his tattooing journey in Germany, and elements of his initial trade of choice can still be seen in his work today. One glance at his blackwork, and it’s plain to see that his woodcarving background has heavily influenced his tattooing. At times his tattoos resemble something close to a woodblock print. Combining elements of sacred geometry, dot work, and graphical patterns, his art is uniquely abstract and occasionally maze-like. 

Chest Piece by Patrick Hüttlinger (via IG-sakrosankt) #dotwork #blackwork #geometry #patrickhuttlinger #largescale #ornamental

Heavily steeped in various geometrical elements, each and every one of his pieces is beautifully and perfectly symmetrical. Currently tattooing out of Berlin, Germany at Berlin Ink, something about his work is both satisfying and soothing, but maybe that’s just the OCD in us talking, but either way it’s outstanding.

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You can see more of Huttlinger’s work on his Instagram and website.

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