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Blackwork Forearm Tattoos by Ben Volt

Blackwork Forearm Tattoos by Ben Volt

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This artist makes some of the most powerful geometric black tattoos in the world.

Ben Volt makes some of the most badass blackwork around. His geometric tattoos standout because of their pronounced appearance; it's almost like they hit you in the eyes with a wrecking-ball. Let's just say they're on the darker side of things when it comes to this already dark style. Check out this astounding sample of Volt's bold and beautiful black half-sleeves.

What makes Volt's take on this ornate style so impressive is how, opposed to the way most tattooists rely heavily on intricate patterns, he leans into the blackwork to make his sparser use of negative space really standout. Because his style is so solidly, well, solid, his precision as an artist cries out from the space between his tattoos' large swaths of jet-black geometry. We love how outspoken these decidedly dark pieces of body art are. His use of such dense saturation gives them a powerful and intrepid aesthetic. 

All of his work leaves us a bit awe-struck, especially the angular pieces, but Volt's forearm tattoos that riff off the common black armband tattoo are some of our favorites. He takes this almost cliche motif, commonly reserved for coverups, and expounds upon it in subtle yet geometrically complex ways. Take the matching blackwork pieces in the surrounding three photos for instance. From the front, these look fairly simple and a bit lackluster, but on the undersides of this client's arms, his style pops out in pyramidal splendor, making this lady look like Wonder Woman.  

A shot of somewonderful matching blackwork tattoos by Ben Volt (IG—benvolt). #BenVolt #blackwork #Bold #forearm #negativespace

Should you want a incredibly geometric half-sleeve from Volt for yourself, he tattoos out of Blackwork Formations in San Franscico, CA, or if you just want to see some of his other large-scale work, boldly go forth to his Instagram.

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