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Blackwork Monster Faces and Masks by Simone Ruco

Blackwork Monster Faces and Masks by Simone Ruco

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This tattooist creates badass freehand body art of fearsome creatures that will make you scream.

If you enjoy gruesome and grotesque figures illustrated in blackwork, then you're going to get a kick out of Ruco's freehand tattoos of monsters and masks. They have a haunting and warped aesthetic to them that is not only fearsome but a bit wacky as well. Their distorted expressions make it appear as if they are making scary faces at you, which makes them quite fun to look at, even if they are a bit frightening. So, prepare to smile while having the wits scared out of you by these very dark pieces of body art.

It's difficult to describe the mixture of euphoria and terror embodied by these abominable faces. They are at once horrifying and funny, making them a rather strange sight to behold. Perusing Ruco's portfolio is almost like becoming the little boy from Where the Wild Things Are and romping around with blackwork versions of the beasts in the book. Furthermore, these riveting visages demonstrate how there's something perfect about this style of tattooing when it comes to creating various monstrosities. In short, black tattoos like his are ideal illustrating the things that come from the darkest parts of our imaginations.

Ruco employs bold lines and heavy dark shading to create these monstrous blackwork masterpieces. One of the most fascinating aspects of his approach to the style is how he uses negative space to shape the details of these figures. Their eyes, teeth, tongues, wrinkles, and more are all formed by the absence of ink. Though they're all intense as hell, the ones done in large-scale are the most formidable and impressive. They make for surprisingly kickass knee-pieces and stomach rockers. The way that he places them on these pronounced portions of the body gives them the appearance of lunging out at the viewer, which is quite hair-raising, to say the least. 

A pair of badass monster faces by Simone Ruco (IG— ruco__). #blackwork #illustrative #masks #monsters #SimoneRuco

If you want to see more of Ruco's beastly blackwork masks and monsters, claw your way to his Instagram. If you want one of these ghastly pieces of dark body art, he operates out of Hard Work Tattoo in Rome, Italy. 

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