Blackwork Sleeves by Sam Rivers

Blackwork Sleeves by Sam Rivers

Rivers produces some really intense large-scale geometric pieces.

Sam Rivers excels at all things blackwork. It doesn't matter if he's working in the traditional Polynesian style or if he is using dotwork to produce mind-blowing sacred geometry, Rivers' tattoos demand your attention.

These large-scale pieces are packed with geometric complexity, which gives them a mesmerizing and impressive atmosphere. Rivers is especially adept at executing designs from numerous indigenous cultures in the South Pacific. So, get ready to be blown away by some of these big, bold, and elaborate blackwork masterpieces.

We love how angular most of River's tattoos are. Many of them are primarily sequences of triangles that create the visual effect of kinetic energy in how they wind around his clients' appendages. It's exhilarating to get lost in their swirling vectors. Through his series of more acute geometric figures are some of his most captivating, the ones that take on a more rounded (quite literally) approach are equally inviting to the eye in the way that their curves and crescents combine in order to create a rich series of circular shapes.

One of the best parts about Rivers' tattoos is the wide range of traditional designs from which he draws his influence. His portfolio exemplifies the vast variety of styles that commonly get grouped under the umbrella term Polynesian. In his body of work, you see Marquesan, Maori, Samoan, and more. He even has a few pieces that fall into the Pacific canon. Occasionally his goes the less conventional route and hybridizes such designs with more contemporary geometric blackwork. Regardless of which cultural tradition of tattooing that he is borrowing from, his work is always flawless and incredibly intricate. It's simply some of the best blackwork around.

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If you want to see more of Rivers' incredible blackwork, make sure to stop by his Instagram. Should you desire your very own large-scale geometric tattoos, he can be found at Curiosities Tattoo Studio in Ipswich, England. 

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