Blackwork with an Ornamental Touch by Nik Blackbird

Blackwork with an Ornamental Touch by Nik Blackbird

This upcoming young tattoo artist is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and definitely kills it with with his black tattoos!

You can immediately spot the ornamental details, brilliant blackwork and dotwork- this is exactly what makes it original. The tattoo designs by Nik Blackbird can definitely be described as bold and dark yet executed with a delicate touch. Every single tattoo is on point with its dramatic look, sharp lines and skillful shading using my favorite technique- dotwork. This looks especially good in his geometric tattoos.

Mandalas, sleeves, animals, symbols- you just have to pick!

If you like the mix of blackwork, ornamental and geometric, our article on Ornamental & Geometric Blackwork by Kirk Nilsen might be just for you.

Don't miss the Instagram feed of the talented Nik Blackbird and his latest tattoo work.

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