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Blackwork You'll Love by Kenji Alucky

Blackwork You'll Love by Kenji Alucky

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Kenji Alucky's ornamental blackwork is blowing our collective minds.

Kenji Alucky is one of the best blackwork tattooists in the world. Not only is his work constantly excellent, he professes a wide variety of motifs within the realm of this dark and dense style of tattooing. He's capable of executing complex geometry, extremely ornate figures such as mandalas, and more experimental patterning as well. 

Alucky's more saturated blackwork is impressive and pronounced. The completely filled-in portions create an intense amount of contrast against the adjacent and more elaborate geometric patters. 

Alucky's mandalas are some of the most intricate around, often consisting of interlinking series of these complicated ornaments to produce a fractal-like appearance. Interestingly, his mandalas also exemplify his artistic range in this style in that they feature varying levels of darkness. Some are decidedly solid, while others have a softer feel to them.

When one thinks of blackwork, a minimalist approach is not typically the first thing that comes to mind, but Alucky is working to change that. Some of his tattoos  are surprisingly lacking in thick saturation, giving them a more abstract feeling. Some stretch across large tracts of the body without employing any black-outs as framing devices, simply letting the ornate geometry stand alone in all its purity. 

Unbelievable blackwork bodysuit by Kenji Alucky (IG—black_ink_power). #blackwork #geometric #KenjiAlucky #mandala #ornate

We hope that you found this diverse spectrum of blackwork by Alucky pleasurable to look at. If you want to examine more of his astounding body art, check him out on Instagram. Also, we have written about him in the past. He currently tattoos on the road, but you can find his tour schedule here if you're interested in getting some of his crazy good blackwork.

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