Blame Max for These Lit Blackwork Handpoke Portraits of Icons

Blame Max for These Lit Blackwork Handpoke Portraits of Icons

Maks Mariańczuk will give you that old school love with his hand poked blackwork portraits of popular icons from Monroe to Morrissey.

Hand poked tattoos never fail to bring up that prison style vibe that come with manual tools we've long abandoned since the dawn of tattoo machines.

Blame it on contemporary aesthetics and alternative subcultures but hand poked tattoos are slowly making their way back into the hearts of people minus the negative connotation people often associate with it. In fact, many are learning to like it for what it is; the very rawness and strong appeal hand poked tattoos so naturally possess.

I've previously written about this particular hand poke artist we have for today in a post that involved underrated hand poke tattooers. In the underground tattoo scene, he's mostly known by his moniker, Blame Max. Blame Max is a young Polish tattooer whose real name is Maks Mariańczuk. He currently tattoos at Kobra Tattoo in Poznan, Poland. Maks' hand poke works focus heavily on blackwork and portraits.

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Maks' portraits are characterized by his strong, distinct highlighting that reminds me of South Korean tattoo artist Greem's lovely edged blackwork tattoos. Unlike Greem's works, which lean towards softer themes, Maks' works are mostly bolder and hard-edged. His tattoos feature cult film character favorites like Mia Wallace and iconic music icons like Morrissey and Bowie.

Aside form his prominent portraits, Maks is also known for his hand poke tattoos with clever placements. He's actually quite the witty tattooer.

Playing peek-a-boo with Peter Griffin of Family Guy.

Mathilda sure does look pretty gnarly in here.

For more lit hand poked tattoos by Maks, you may head over here.

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