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Bling, Sparkle and Glitter: Jewel Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Bling, Sparkle and Glitter: Jewel Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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Gucci Mane said it best, "Bling Blaww Burr", and these Jewel Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day do just that.

The sparkle, glitter, and gleam of jewels and gems can certainly hypnotize and capture hearts...these jewel tattoos beautifully exhibit the glow and glory of precious stones. From realism to watercolor, these artists have bestowed the wearer of the tattoo with a charm that will last a lifetime. It's like forever wearing the candiest of eye candy....We assume that part of the obsession with fancy frosting comes from the glimmer of the stones...and this has been proven because we just can't stop lusting after these gorgeous jewel tattoos!

The most expensive diamond of all time is the Hope Diamond, which apparently comes with a blood curdling curse...but at the price of $250 million you would probably expect that. Other very costly pieces of jewelry include the Peacock Brooch by Graff Diamonds (a mere $100 million), not to mention the Pink Star diamond which was purchased in early 2017 at a Sotheby;s auction for $71.2 million. Apparently this is the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. So, we definitely can't afford those price tags (congrats if you can!), but these jewel tattoos make it a little easier to own a piece of treasure! Not only do these pieces cost less, but get this: they can never be stolen or lost! Rings slip through cracks, but tattoos will always stay put.

Elizabeth Taylor once said, “I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” As much as we love that blue eyed lady, in this case...we believe these artists have created a radiance that the client will possess and love forever. As jewelry is one of the sweetest ways to show adoration, we say that getting a jewel tattoo is like showing a little self-love that we all need sometimes. So, hop on over to our site, check out your favorite artists and shops, and sign up to get a lil bling of your own!

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