Blood Puddin: Dark and Sexy Tattoos by Joe Capobianco

Blood Puddin: Dark and Sexy Tattoos by Joe Capobianco

Horror pin-ups have never looked sexier.

Blood Puddin was a term coined by Joe Capobianco to describe his dark and sexy style tattoo pin-ups. 

His ladies have the exaggerated characterstics of new school tattoos, the sexiness of traditional pin-ups, but with horror elements like blood and gore. If you love ladies and horror, or women depicted as shady characters, hiding some dark secrets, then a tattoo by Joe Capobianco might be perfect for you.

Others may try to recreate the Blood Puddin style, but none seem to compare to the original pieces by Capobianco.  His use of colour and ability to still make the ladies look spooky and sexy is something which he has mastered and made his own. 

For more of Joe Capobianco's Blood Puddin tattoos and art, give him a follow on Instagram. For now, enjoy some of my favorite tattoos of his. 

If you want more pin up but less gore check out Sassy And Sexy: The Pin Up Ladies Of Girly Style Tattooer Lucy Blue

Gun-toting voodoo Blood Puddin lady. Tattoo by Joe Capobianco. #BloodPuddin #capogal #JoeCapobianco #gun #voodoo

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