Body Of Art: Performer And Model Shelly D'Inferno

Body Of Art: Performer And Model Shelly D'Inferno

Smoking hot, colorful and badass- meet a real heroine of tattoo art.

If I would have to pick just one tattooed model, I'd definitely go for Shelly d'Inferno. Covered with rad tattoos, killing it with fire performances- she is both beautiful and bold.

And, indeed, a girl who owns a tank definitely has my heart. Shelly d'Inferno is the edgier and sexier tattoo model in my book and many photographers seem to agree with that. She always gives them her best and most colorful looks. Shelly d'Inferno is part of the super rad performance groupe Pyrohex. She is a dragon, playing with fire and weapons. But Shelly is also a fashion designer, makeup artist and photographer. A true free spirit, she enjoys experimenting with her looks and art.

There are not enough words and pictures to describe how cool Shelly d'Inferno is, so check her Facebook and Instagram.

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