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Body Shop: Interview with Hyperrealist Sculptor Sergio Garcia

Body Shop: Interview with Hyperrealist Sculptor Sergio Garcia

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In this interview with artist Sergio Garcia, he talks skateboard graphics and airbrushing cars.

Known in the arts, tattoo, and skateboard industries as a legend of Surrealist sculpture, Sergio Garcia creates artwork that boggles the mind. Gleaning inspiration from a wide range of pop culture, Sergio's pieces range from arms rolling spliffs while popping out of blank walls to warped heart shaped tricycles and old school desks that read almost like philosophical torture devices.

In this interview, Sergio Garcia talks about his beginnings, being an artist in the contemporary age, as well as his greatest struggles and accomplishments throughout his career.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia #tattooart

I’d love it if you could talk a bit about your background and how you developed your artistic output.

I started in graffiti and then I got into murals and automotive airbrushing, which I airbrushed cars and motorcycles. That then evolved into my contemporary work.

Hyperrealist sculpture collaboration by Sergio Garcia and Kunle F Martins Jr #SergioGarcia #KunleFMartinsJr #tattooart

How has your style and direction evolved over time? What artists, films, music, books, or other inspiring elements have influenced your work?

That’s a tough one. A lot of things have inspired me. Obviously a lot of skateboard graphics and illustrations are a big part of my inspiration. Growing up I was into Bloom County comics, TC surf designs, and Music of All Nature has inspired me throughout my life. From Beastie Boys to Fugazi and a lot of Dischord bands. I grew up drawing the Eddie character of Iron Maiden on book covers. Graffiti has probably been one of the biggest gateways for art.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia #tattooart

What is the process like in creating your pieces? How do you decide which ones have certain details like tattoos?

It really depends on the piece and what message I’m trying to convey. I’ve always enjoyed airbrushing realistic portraits and I try to transfer that to my sculptures.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia #tattooart

The art world has changed so much as of late. How do you feel about the future of the arts industries?

It feel like right now is a good time to make and create. I feel like there has been a reset button for people and as an artist I always try to reinvent myself with new works. So, it’s kinda normal for me to hit that reset button.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia

How do you define success? What have been your greatest accomplishments and greatest struggles throughout your career?

I think each person’s definition of success is different, you know? For me, it’s just the completing of a piece that I’ve been wanting to do and what happens after that is always out of my hands. I don’t tend to stress about it. A successful art show to me is once the art is hung on the wall the day before the opening, and I’m happy with the work. I got asked to do a traveling show with Santa Cruz Skateboards. It’s a traveling show of all of the original drawing concepts from the 80s. That and I had George Powell of Powell Peralta to commission a piece for their new headquarters. Struggles would be trying to balance everything from doing commissions to doing works that I want to do and everything else in my life. A balance for most people I think is kinda hard.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia #tattooart

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only have one book, one toy, one movie, and one record. What do you choose?

For book, it’d probably have to be a religious book, just cause there’s so much reading and interpretation. So like the Bible, Quran, or Bhagavad Gita. As for the toy, I’d pick a skateboard if that’s considered a toy. I always liked the skate video Useless Wooden Toys named by my buddy Andy Howell. With most movies, I’m a one and done type of deal. Being that I had a skateboard it’d probably be a skate video. Questionable by Plan B is probably the video/movie I’d go with.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia

Any upcoming projects, events, life advice, future plans, or special insights you’d like to share?

I have a show going on at ThinkSpace called Infinite Circles that showcases some skateboard wheels. I’ll also be in a show at BlackBook gallery called Welcome to the TerrorDome.

Hyperrealist sculpture by Sergio Garcia #SergioGarcia #tattooart

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