Bold and Beautiful Bangers by CP Martin

Bold and Beautiful Bangers by CP Martin

Traditional tattoos with that bold and vibrant look are truly something to collect!

Classic and solid tattoos need not be huge to be stunning. The perfect execution of lines and expert rendition of shading and color can make up for the size. As a matter of fact, when it comes to expert quality tattoos, size doesn't matter at all!

Awesome sparrow couple tattoo done by CP Martin. #CPMartin #thedarlingparlour #sydney #traditionaltattoos #sparrow #bird

CP Martin is a very talented and solid tattoo artist from Sydney, Australia. He works and tattoos at The Darling Parlour.

The style of CP Martin's tattoos are a very clean and solid rendition of bold and classic designs. These tattoos are truly making a huge comeback. With realistic and new school tattoos gaining real popularity among collectors in recent years, the old school traditional Western tattoos are making their way back to the mainstream in a BIG way - all thanks to tattooers such as CP Martin. 

Rad butterfly tattoo on the ankle, tattoo done by CP Martin. #CPMartin #thedarlingparlour #sydney #traditionaltattoos #butterfly

Making use of classic images such as roses, animals and nautical imagery, CP Martin makes tattoos that are truly clean and vibrant, while maintaining that old school feel. You can never go wrong with timeless and solid tattoos that will definitely stand the test of time. 

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Bold and clean eagle tattoo by CP Martin. #CPMartin #thedarlingparlour #sydney #traditionaltattoos #eagle

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