Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Katriona MacIntosh

Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Katriona MacIntosh

This UK-based artist creates vivid and striking watercolor tattoos and art.

Based at Blind Eye Tattoo in Leeds, home to some exceptional UK tattoo artists, Katriona MacIntosh creates watercolor tattoos with a loud bang. We often associate watercolor style with delicacy, femininity, pastel tones and light splashes of colour. Katriona's art utilises loud block colors to create tattoos and paintings that make a noise. 

Watercolour rose tattoo by Katriona MacIntosh #KatrionaMacIntosh #rose #watercolour #watercolor

In a crowded marketplace of a tattoo style that's increasing in popularity, I always find it refreshing to discover artists who are clearly carving out their own sub-style of watercolour and colour tattooing. With art that's clearly recognisable as her own, Katriona does this successfully. 

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